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    McAfee HBSS


      I work in an environment where we deploy McAfee HBSS on our servers. It seems like the application put a lot of load on my SolarWinds servers. How can I monitor this and provide reports for my VM and Security teams.



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          Vinay BY

          What do you mean by McAfee HBSS on our servers?

          What servers are we talking about here ? Windows, Linux, AIX  (or are you talking about SolarWinds Servers itself)? I am assuming these are the platforms on which HBSS can be deployed.

          If its windows start with simple windows service monitoring which as well monitors the cpu and memory the service consumes and hence you could check if there is a performance impact. (Monitoring all services that are linked with HBSS)

          If its Linux or AIX - use linux/unix script monitors which does the same - monitor all the services along with the basic performance parameters via script monitoring.


          This would help you kick of with your perf reports, once you understand more on HBSS we could add additional monitoring accordingly.

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            In at least one situation, I saw McAfee HIPS strangling a SolarWinds process and the only evidence (without HIPS logs) was a process running out of memory.