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    NPM 12.3 not polling multiple VRFs on Nexus 7000?

    Craig Norborg

      Ok, been struggling with this for awhile.   Was hoping this new version would help out with it with the Nexus 7K support, but as far as I can tell it has not.


      The issue is getting multiple VRF routing tables to poll on the Nexus 7K via SNMP.     The multiple VDC support is nice, and so is the vPC stuff, but our site doesn't use either of those.  But we do use multiple VRF's on our box and I'm having a heck of a time trying to get them to poll.


      The odd thing is, I actually got it to work in our testbed by mapping a routing instance to a context instead of a specific VRF and polling that.  The routing instance in question was a BGP routing instance that had all my VRF's in it.  But, when I tried it in production it didn't work.  Further details from about 7 months ago can be found here:

      Multi-VRF support, Nexus 7K, and arguing with TAC! :-)


      I argued with Cisco TAC on this for some time, but got nowhere.   Everything TAC tells me and everything their documentation tells me says that it can't be done with the current way Solarwinds works.

      Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS System Management Configuration Guide, Release 5.x - Configuring SNMP [Cisco Nexus 7000 S…


      From what Cisco says you have to map a VRF to a context and associate that with a community.   ie:


      snmp-server context BlueContext vrf blue

      snmp-server context SilverContext vrf silver


      Then, set up multiple communities

      snmp-server community BlueCommunity group network-operator

      snmp-server community SilverCommunity group network-operator


      Then, map the community to the context

      snmp-server mib community-map BlueCommunity context BlueContext

      snmp-server mib community-map SilverCommunity context SilverContext


      The problem with this is, you then have to poll using each community, or at the least each context.   If you try and map multiple contexts onto a single community it spits an error.


      However, Solarwinds only has the ability to have one community and one context per node.  So unless you add them as multiple nodes, which would entail setting up multiple polling addresses since Solarwinds won't let you set up two nodes with the same IP, then it just doesn't work as far as I can tell..


      To me this seems like a HUGE oversight!!  


      Am I missing something, can you consistently poll multiple VRF's on a Nexus 7K somehow?   Preferably so its a single device.   If so, detailed instructions would be nice.