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    Create BGP Alert To Include Interface Descriptions


        I have scoured the form and have read several great BGP discussions around alerting, however, I have yet to find my answers.  The problem today is when BGP changes our NOC gets the syslog alert.  Because the information is limited in the alert they have opened tickets with the wrong carrier.  To prevent this from happening we want to include the circuit ID we have on all our router interfaces that peer with our BGP providers.


        We use syslog alerting and love the instant emails we get when BGP flaps.  The problem with syslog alerting is the limited macro ability to include more detailed information.  Our thoughts were to have a trail email come in from the triggered BGP event, but not sure if this is the right route to go. 


        One of the postings I read by alexslv Know Your Routing Neighbours has a great sql piece for a BGP report we could add to our NOC page, but I don't know how I can add my interface descriptions for the BGP interface.  Since I am not the greatest at SQL I was hoping someone could help.  All our routers have the same description with a different circuit ID, like "MPLS".  It would be great if I could use superfly's SQL piece to include the interface description of the neighbor whose BGP status changed.  So if router x with interface Gi0/0/0 and peering IP of state changes, add it to the table with the status.


        If the above isn't possible has anyone worked any voodoo to get there interface descriptions included in their BGP alerts.  This will be very helpful for when our NOC has to open tickets if BGP status changes


      Thanks in advance,