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      Does anyone know of a quick way to change the settings on the clients on PCs and Laptops so that when a connection is may they have to accept the connection and not let the connection take place without user imput

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          Hey delongm,


          the DameWare MRC Agent stores its settings in the registry, so the fastest way to change them is to push the registry keys via GPO, alternatively you could use Remote Support and Batch Edit the Registry keys you need to change on a set of machines.

          There should be a DWRCS.reg file in your dameware installation folder containing your default settings ( which can be set in MRC under "View" -> "Default Host Properties" -> "Install Options" ).


          Here's a sample DWRCS.reg file with fairly vanilla options - I've highlighted the path & options that should be interesting to you in red, short explanation right behind the asterisk:


          [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\DameWare Development\Mini Remote Control Service]


          [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\DameWare Development\Mini Remote Control Service\IP Filter]

          "Enable Filter For Remote Control"=dword:00000000

          "Access Granted"=dword:00000001


          [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\DameWare Development\Mini Remote Control Service\Settings]

          "Force Direct Connection"=dword:00000001

          "Remote Connection Availability"=dword:00000000


          "Notify On New Connection"=dword:00000001

          "Notify On New Connection Timeout Value"=dword:0000000f

          "Notify On Disconnection"=dword:00000000

          "No Notify Sound"=dword:00000000

          "Notify Dialog Caption"="DameWare Mini Remote Control"

          "Notify Dialog Text 1"="MRC Notification"

          "Notify Dialog Text 2 Remote Control"="MRC Notification"

          "Permission Required"=dword:00000001                                                            * This corresponds to "Permission Required" option in the Additional Settings Tab

          "Permission Required Also When Locked"=dword:00000001                          * This corresponds to "Also When Locked" option in the Additional Settings Tab, depends on the option right above, do not set to 1 if Permission Required is 0

          "Center Permission Dialog"=dword:00000000

          "Permission Dialog Set Focus On Decline Button"=dword:00000000


          "Permission Required for non Admin"=dword:00000001                                * Only required if you're using the Access tab to regulate access via non Admin AD Groups

          "Permission Required for non Admin Disconnect If At Logon Desktop"=dword:00000001      * See above

          "Permission Required for non Admin Force View Only"=dword:00000001                                 * See above



          . etc.


          Best Regards,