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    NPM (only) upgrade from 12.2 to 12.3 plus weird syslog issue


      Getting ready to upgrade NPM (the only module we have) from 12.2 to 12.3.   I've downloaded the upgrade executable and read the notes; so far as I can tell it's just run the new file and it will upgrade (after stopping the SW services).


      Anything more to it than that?      MS Server 2016, SQL Server, MS SQL Server Enterprise, latest version.


      The only problem we're experiencing right now is that all our devices that were syslogging to our NPM server are still attempting to do so, but nothing shows up in the syslog in NPM.   This behavior began right after Windows rebooted the operating system after a patch (automatically) instead of gracefully shutting down the SolarWinds services first.   Was not noticed right away.   The syslogs are still viewable in NPM from BEFORE that date and time, just nothing after that, and I've stopped and restarted the services several times in an attempt to get the syslogs recording into the database again.