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    Design Guide for NTA ?

      We are running a Orion NPM (SLX) for aprox. 15 WAN Nodes and aprox. 200 LAN Node's (every LAN Port). Now we are considering to buy the Netflow Traffic Analysis. Basically we are interested in analyzing the WAN-WAN traffic, although we need to identify the Source or Destination Port’s (Switch/Port/IP) in the LAN environment. (We are not interested in LAN Inter-VLAN Traffic). Is it a good idea to Monitor the 15 WAN Interfaces including the Backup (15x2=30 Netflow Sources = Netflow Traffic Analyzer SL50) Is there a Design Guide for NTA ?

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          I have not seen one on the support site but I expect one will come eventually. Right now this forum has been a source for me to get more details.

          There are some great savvy users in this forum.

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            I am also in a similar postion where we just wish to monitor the WAN traffic but need to identify the transmitting and recieving nodes.

            As it stands I had to enable netflow on the WAN and LAN interface on the router and also add all the subinterfaces to Orion.

            This poses a real problem with regards licensing but i did note this extract from the release notes:

            Currently, NetFlow Traffic Analyzer is licensed by the number of unique flows instead of interfaces. For example, a data flow from X to Y is recorded. Then a data flow from Y to X occurs. This second data flow is recorded as a unique instance, though it involves the same interface. This is a known issue and will be corrected in an upcoming release.