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    Generating a Report for All Down Instances In A Node Group


      Hello all, I'm part of a large health organization that uses SolarWinds for device and server monitoring, and my department has purview over a small portion of the machines thus managed. Our machines are organized into a node group ("ED Carts"). I'm looking into providing monthly reports on the incidence of node down states and application monitors going critical. The idea is to generate a list of every specific instance that a node within the group has gone down (and likely a separate report listing when monitored applications on the nodes within the group have gone down), including the time it was reported and the time an "up" state went into effect afterward.


      I'm extremely rusty when it comes to my SQL skill and it's likewise been awhile since I've flexed statistical muscles. I was curious if there was a straightforward way to generate these reports in the SolarWinds web GUI. If there's no way to select nodes by group and I have to add them to a dynamic query manually, that's not a problem, but I was curious. What I'm really interested in is the list and how to create it. In the events viewer I can see all instances of downtime on a per-node basis but I need a compiled report with more info than that allows me. Any help you all could provide would be appreciated!