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    How does one modify NCM's Firmware Upgrade Operation so it recognizes there is enough free space to proceed?


      I'm trying to use NCM's Firmware Upgrade Operation to upgrade multiple Cisco ASA's.


      Each device has sufficient free space to accept the incoming .bin file, but NCM doesn't correctly recognize this.  It requires me to manually override the upgrade process every time before I can proceed.


      Here's a screenshot of where the process breaks down, where I have to manually override every device's upgrade:


      The first highlighted area shows there's 56,928,256 bytes available to receive incoming files.


      The second highlighted area shows that the incoming file requires 30,763,008 bytes.  NPM doesn't recognize this, and incorrectly pops up the error in the third highlighted area:  "Not enough free space".


      So the process fails on every node, and I must manually override the process every time.


      I  referenced the manual here:  Perform a firmware upgrade operation


      It shows the highlighted area that appears to suggest that the upgrade will only fail IF there is not enough free space.


      Why doesn't NCM recognize there's enough free space?


      How can I reconfigure it to make the right calculation to accurately determine the amount of free space versus the required free space?