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    Dual Service Monitoring




      i know how to monitor and alert on 2 windows services across 2 servers, then I can start or stop a service on one of the servers depending on what the scenario is.


      But how do i get it to start one service on one server wait a poll then if it hasnt manged to start it, start the service on the other box.


      executing an external program using the below is very specific


      APM\APMServiceControl.exe 681069 -c=STOP


      can i use the escalation levels in the alert or is that just for if noone acknowledges it.

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          You can use the escalations exactly as you describe, but I would stretch the time for the escalation to be 2 polls plus whatever time it takes to reset your alert (if you use the no longer true reset condition you don't have to add time, but if it has to be up for 10 minutes before the alert clears you would want your escalation to be in like 20 minutes).


          The second step will only kick off if the alert has not cleared in the time frame you set, if it clears, no second step because everything is okay now.