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    Replacing a failed Additional Web Server




      I know there is a thread currently going for replacing a failed APE bit I'm looking for more info on replacing a web server.


      The server died and is being replaced with the same name and ip as previous but I'm trying to work out the steps to clean the db and licensing ready to reinstall the software and add it back into the mix.


      A quick Google doesn't seem to have an answer for this scenario, any help is appreciated.

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          I want to say that if your server has the same name and IP you can probably just run the scalability installer on the new one and everything will just fall into place.  The AWS are a LOT simpler than polling engines.


          The only thing that I can think of that might bite you is if the license store realizes it's not the same server you might have to contact the customer support to release the old web license so you apply one, but I think you won't even have to re-apply the license for this scenario.

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              David Smith

              I agree, using the same IP & hostname wouldn’t create a new entry in the DB it will just update the existing entry in the OrionServers. The license isn’t tied to MAC so I wouldn’t imagine a problem, but it would be easy to fix if there was.

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                  So i reinstalled the software this morning and as suspected it fell into place for the DB entries but the license store isn't playing nicely.


                  I have a ticket open as even though the license is showing as released on the portal, license manager doesn't show the rebuilt server and loading the web console on the AWS gives an error retrieving licensing details  (license is expired or not available)


                  Will see what support can do for me

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                      Ticket closed.


                      Even though license manager wasn't showing the additional web server in the list, re-adding the not-activated license from the customer portal made the the extra server appear and activated it.


                      Bit of a "felt like an idiot" moment whilst on the phone to support but didn't want to risk making it worse without there assistance.


                      Hope this helps out anyone else who goes through the same issue in the future.