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    TRAP in SolarWinds for alerts


      Hi, i'm looking information about SNMP Trap because I need to send alerts form interfaces DOWN to an external server to create trouble ticket (TTK) automatically.


      The platform only process TRAP for this TTK creation, so I have a this questions about SolarWinds:


      1. ¿How can I check if SolarWinds (in the webconsole) is receiving traps?

      2. If SW is not showing trap, ¿how can I enable the reception in SolarWinds?, ¿Can I do it from the webconsole?

      3. This trap messages, ¿the network elements, servers, router, switches, should send this automatically to SolarWinds or should be enable before?

      4. ¿Can I modified this trap information for specifically fields of the alarm in the nerwork element?


      I'm starting with Solarwinds, so I will appreciate all your support and suggestions about documentation to read.



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          1. You have 2 options.. in web console there is a tab under events called traps where u can see the incoming traps.. OR u can also login into the server where solarwinds is installed and launch Trap viewer from there.


          2. If its not receiving then u need to check at the device end if the traps have been directed to correct destination. Also make sure that if the device u are monitoring is SNMPv3 then it should be added under monitoring in Solarwinds.

          3. it has to be enabled from device end so that it is directed towards solarwinds server.

          4. if u are making use of the trap action then there are ways to modify the template and then send it to other desination.


          I would suggest you to start reading the NPM admin guide, you will get all your answers.. else feel free to write here and Thwacksters will help you out...

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