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    Address Search


      Is there a way to search clients or tickets by client address. Or is this something that can be set up?

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          Searching by "Location" doesn't work for you?

          Isn't their address tied to a specific location?

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            Hi Ryan C,

            The system does not offer a way to search for the client's address out of the box. You can create a custom field (text) and assign it to all request types in the system that will allow you to manually enter the address. You can then do an advanced search for the custom field and try to find a custom field with part of the address. We use this two ways in our system, we assign every client and ID and we also have their SWID. I am attaching a screen shot of the advanced ticket search for a SWID. I can't promise this will work without a hitch, and you will have to populate the custom field on each ticket. I hope this helps.