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    Network Discovery automatically add missing volumes to existing nodes


      I can see a few have tried to solve this over the last few years and wanted to see if there are any new solutions based on the latest releases.


      The goal is to automatically add new volumes to existing nodes. I am resigned to the fact Solarwinds is not going to detect that a volume's label has changed and make the update automatically so I have created a custom alert that deletes 'stale' volumes directly from SQL. The next stage is to use Network discover to bring those disks or newly added disks back in.


      Currently I am trying to get Network Discover to run against a list of servers pulled from AD. Under the automatic monitoring settings I have deselected everything except fixed disks.


      The issue is that although the nodes scanned, about 400, are already monitored by NPM the auto-import will fail because I only have 200 free licences. It errors with License Exceeded. I can do a manual import after the scan and it will pass the licence error and proceed to import missing disks but the goal is to have this be a background automatic process.


      Has anyone faced the specific licence issue I have or does anyone have a fresh angle for adding volumes to existing nodes?

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          I raised a case in regards to the licencing aspect and this was the response back:


          "I have checked this internally and The cause of this issue is a bug in the product. The license check is occurring before checking if the nodes/interfaces/volumes already exist in monitoring.

          This means that the import fails if the number of objects in the monitoring and the objects in the scope of the discovery is larger than the total amount of allowed objects in
          the license level"


          So unless there is a change it looks like there isn't a way to use Network discovery to scan existing nodes for the purpose of importing missing resources. Unless you have a lot of spare licences...


          Back to the drawing board to create a custom volume import process