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    NPM 12.3 <-> SNOW - Create ServiceNow Incident action not working

    Vinay BY

      Hi All, I am trying to test SNOW Integration with NPM 12.3 and Create ServiceNow Incident action not working as expected:

      1. I have added SNOW instance as mentioned on the documentation into SolarWinds.

      2. I gave in the required details and created an alert for -> Node Status is equal to Unmanage (which is the trigger condition)

      3. Under trigger actions I created a action 'Create ServiceNow Incident' assigned the SNOW instance added in NPM

      4. Gave the default fields and submitted the same, without proceeding further from that step i tried to simulate it from trigger actions page, clicked on the lightning symbol which is used for simulate and it successfully created a SNOW ticket, so far so good, hence i assumed this should work fine as simulating the action is working fine and creating a ticket in SNOW.

      5. Later i went on to Summary step and saved the alert.

      6. An alert fired within a minute and i could see it under Active alerts



      What should i look for now ? Which log in SolarWinds would provide some additional info on the same, would MacroParser log help or ?

      If someone has faced a similar issue, please do help me with the remediation, thanks in advance.