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    Client Admin-only Request Types


      We are looking for a way of restricting request types to only be accessible, or permitted, to only department managers. I'd assume they would be highlighted as client admins, though I'm open to any suggestions.

      Currently I'm looking at using locations, and creating a "location" for each group of department managers, then restricting the request type to only a managers location group.


      I'd prefer to have a cleaner, more application-appropriate solution, if possible.


      Thank you!

      Eric Hatt

      Application Systems Professional


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          Hi Eric,

          For restricting the request types to s specific group of clients, I feel you are on the right track.  If the only individuals you would want to see the request types are the department managers and no other clients, then I would assign the department managers only to a location and leave the other clients open. Keep in mind if the other clients log in to the system, rather than email directly, they will have access to any request type not assigned to a location though. You do not have to assign a client admin roll to the department managers though. That is unless you want to. This should limit the visibility of the request type to the assigned location, clients assigned to the location, and techs assigned to the location group. I hope this helps.



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