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    NPM 12.3 - Unable to install Additional Polling Engine due to Patch Manager 2.1.5?


      Trying to replace an NPM 12.3 additional polling engine.  The primary polling engine was reinstalled last week on a fresh Windows Server 2016 box.  Just finished updating a fresh Windows Server 2016 server for the APE.


      I downloaded the poller installer from /Orion/Admin/Details/Engines.aspx.  When I run the installer, the Install Report will not allow me to continue.


      DESCRIPTION    The following products on the primary Orion server cannot be installed: PM 2.1.5

      RESOLUTION     Update the products on your primary Orion server to the latest versions


      PM 2.1.5 is the latest version available to download.  The primary Orion server is running the PM web console only.  The actual PM server is entirely separate.

      Install Report error for PM 2.1.5

      Install Report error for PM 2.1.5