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    NPM 12.3 new install - issue with Proxy Settings - cant revert it back

    Vinay BY

      Hi thwackers,

      Has someone faced this issue ?

      I installed a fresh copy of NPM 12.3 with the latest hotfix HF3 on MS Azure.

      1. Proxy Settings -> Global Proxy Settings was set to 'Use default OS Settings' as part of the default configuration

      2. Then one of my team members tried changing it to 'Use the following settings' , gave an proxy ip and port and saved the config.

      3. This should be pretty simple but now I cant revert it back to 'Use default OS Settings', when i change it back to this and try saving the config i get a error as mentioned below and it doesn't let me change it back to 'Use default OS Settings'

      And now this is a road block for me to integrate SNOW instance with SolarWInds.


      Hi aLTeReGo, has someone reported a similar issue, please do let me know if you are aware of it.

      Thanks in advance.