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    SWIS and SCOM integration


      Hi All,

      I am relatively new to Solarwinds SAM.  I have background in SCOM, NetIQ AppManager, plus a fair amount of SQL.

      Starting to work with SWQL/SWIS.

      My shop runs both Solarwinds and SCOM.  We have been pulling some perf data into Solarwinds via WMI or Agent.  Using this data to build dashboards and perfstack projects.

      However.  We also collect perf data with SCOM.  Management starting to question why we are pulling the same data with 2 different programs.

      Problem in a Nutshell:

      SCOM collects a rich collection of perf counters from servers.  However, SCOM reports are ugly and the report writer difficult to work with.

      Solarwinds has great looking reports and consoles and easy to use report/console creation.  However, we may be facing limitations on pulling perf data from servers directly into Solarwinds.

      So, looking to perhaps use SWIS to pull perf counters from SCOM (Operational Database or Data Warehouse) into Solarwinds and use that data to create consoles, reports, perstack projects.

      Can anyone offer some guidance (maybe even examples ) on the best way to pull performance counters from SCOM into Solarwinds?  Thanks in advance for your help.