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    Alert for failed connection to SW instance from EOC?




      I have a need to know if I lose the Solarwinds Instance running at a remote  location. EOC will show the error for loss of connection but will not tell me. We had a power loss moment this weekend and the SA brought all servers back online including SW, every indication locally was the SW was up and running but remotely we had a database error and no ability to login even though the login in page was up. EOC was showing the disconnected but so far i can not see a way to alert me of the failed status on EOC.  I can create a group alert on a different site instance to "try" to see this type of event but every inditcation from a services stand point showed the server to be up and running, So, I am not sure that this will work.


      If it is a straight power issue i will get other connection alerts for network nodes. this is only for that rare occurrence that SW "looks" up but is failing connecting EOC?


      Again, the cleanest way for me to know I have loss connection to the SW instance remotely is through the EOC. Just looking if there is an "alert" function on the EOC I am not seeing.