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    NPM Installation in a VMWare environment


      My group is tasked with moving from a set of isolated enclave networks (basic description below - CURRENT) to a managed data center (basic description below - END-STATE)



      • Our team directly manages the VMWare hosts, storage, virtual machines, and network support infrastructure
      • Each enclave has its own IP address scheme (managed by us) as well as the secure connections to other specific sites (no internet access)



      • We will not be able manage the VMWare hosts, the back-end storage, nor the VMWare network components
      • We will manage the VMWare datastores we have been given access to, as well as the virtuals we build and manage.
      • Each enclave has its own IP address scheme (provided by the data center personnel), but we will continue to manage the secure connections between other specific sites outside the data center.


      Questions for anyone who might be listening :^)


      1. The book for Solarwinds components states that we need a dedicated NIC on the VMWare hosts for Solarwinds traffic, especially if you are running NTA. This is possible in our current environment, but will not be in our new one. Does anyone have any suggestions for effectively maintaining communications between polled objects and the server.
      2. Although each enclave is a very small, testing, environment (<10 servers in each), we are planning to expand our use of Solarwinds to include all of the following tools: NPM/NTA (already installed), SAM, NCM, and Kiwi SysLog.  Would it be more effective to run everything on separate servers. or would one beefy server suffice?


      NOTE: Each isolated network is separate from each other, so we will not have to worry about aggregating data from each enclave to a central management server. We just want to be able to monitor each enclave's status.


      Thanks and let me know if anything is not clear in my question.