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    Anyone using SQL 2016 with WHD?


      SQL 2016 has been out for over two years now.  Despite Solarwinds taking a long time to validate that WHD is compatible, has anyone already moved there?

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          We had a development system with SQL 2016 which appeared to work fine. We have reverted back to SQL 2012 for support on our production system though.

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            fluffy midnight

            Hi ericmn,


            The reason why SolarWinds haven't "validated" SQL 2016 is because they will drop support for 2012.


            Many users and companies still use 2012 as a solid solution so it wouldn't be good if they dropped it so suddenly, though I do agree that 2 years is really enough time to start moving on this appropriately.


            I can confirm that SQL 2016 does work from versions 12.1 onwards. I cannot confirm whether you will have issues down the line and would recommend that even though you can proceed with upgrading, you should delay it until it becomes supported.