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    Can NCM work with Cisco ASA's GUI (ASDM) to perform image transfers more quickly and reliably than tftp?


      As I do bulk uploads of Cisco ASA versions to address bugs or vulnerabilities, I've been using NCM to do the file transfers via tftp and CLI.  The reliability and speed and initial success rate is poor, due to the time required to accomplish this via tftp.


      When I manually transfer IOS upgrades to ASA's via their ASDM GUI, the transfer rate is fast and reliable.


      Is there any way for NCM to use an ASA's ASDM GUI to make the file transfers be faster and reliable?


      Or, is there an alternative to tftp that uses the same technology/protocol that the ASDM uses to transfer files, for NCM to use via CLI?    The ASDM GUI does not use SCP or SFTP; I've tried using them via NCM's Jobs without success.


      I'm open to other ideas, too, if you have a different method of automating the transfer of files to ASA via NCM.