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    How much time it take to upgrade Solarwinds with multiple modules

    Prashant Singh

      Hi All,


      I am planing to upgrade my environment. Not sure how much downtime would be required.

      Please suggest ..


      I've to upgrade following modules to the latest version:  NPM 12.2, NCM 7.7, NTA 4.2.3, VNQM 4.4

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          The answer depends on:

          • How many APE's you have
          • Distance and latency between your pollers and their Internet access, and any WAN links they may traverse for getting APE updates
          • Physical resources of your pollers (you DID use the right amount of RAM and Procs & Proc speed, right?)


          If you only have one poller, and if you already have your Solarwinds Orion SQL database running on SQL 2016, the one-touch bulk installer might have you smiling and enjoying the new versions in an hour or less.


          But if you have many pollers, undersized equipment, slow Internet or WAN, or if you fall within the ~1% of users who are having major problems with the new releases, your mileage will vary.


          When I upgraded from NPM 12.0 to 12.2, also upgrading NTA, VNQM, UDT, IPAM, and NCM on seven pollers, it took only a couple of hours  for the work to be complete.  But it took nearly five months for the bugs to get worked out; that was quite frustrating, and I wish I had postponed my October Install to February.  Once Hot Fix 5 was released, my issues were pretty much all addressed and I stopped spending hours every day on support cases, reinstalls, new hot fixes, troubleshooting, collecting diagnostics, working with different SW Support people, etc.


          Even though the odds suggest that upgrading to the latest versions now would be smooth and relatively quick, I've been bitten by Murphy's Law too many times.  I'm waiting until Thwack reveals that the problematic 1% of installs are properly addressed with Hotfixes.  I'm in no hurry to upgrade, even though I'd like to experience all the new features that come with the new versions of my products.


          Fortunately (?), I don't have SQL 2016 yet, and NTA needs it.  And the other modules and their future upgrades will leverage SQL 2016's new capabilities.  So I'm content to wait a few more months until my DBA's have 2016 installed and licensed, ready for me to use.  Only then will I begin the upgrade, which SHOULD be as simple as downloading the latest installer to the main instance of NPM, running it, and then pushing it out to the other six APE's.

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            Prashant Singh

            4 hour down time was good enough for installation and testing.