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    Performance Improvement Test for Monitoring Many Interfaces!


      Hey folks!  We've got a buddy drop for an optimization that seems to make a pretty significant improvement to how efficiently we store certain interface data.  We've tested in the lab and all looks good.  Now we need to test it in a scale production environment to prove it's works.


      Benefit: Less database interaction to store interface data, potentially decreasing hardware requirements and/or increasing overall scale.  This is entirely theoretical and even if this buddy drop proves successful, we can't say when or even if this will ship in a future version of the software.


      Qualification to Participate

      1. You must be on NPM 12.3 or later.  The buddy drop won't work on earlier versions.
      2. You must be monitoring at least 5,000 interfaces.  This scale is required to confirm the buddy drop is working.



      1. Stop services.
      2. Make a backup of existing DLL.
      3. Replace DLL with one we provide.
      4. Start services.
      5. Verify monitoring is working.
      6. Collect a few stats using steps we provide.
      7. You may choose to roll back the change using the same steps as above or leave it on your system until the next release comes out.  The next release may or may not include the change.



      1. Using new code in a production environment always caries some risk.
      2. This is a very specific change, not a bundle of changes.
      3. We have tested this in our lab and believe it's very likely to be safe.
      4. Roll back is simple and fast: stop services, replace DLL, start services.
      5. I'll provide my cell phone number in case of emergency at time of install or in the subsequent couple days.


      If you're interested in trying this, please send me a PM!