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    Importing IPv6 addresses: "Can not find suitable ancestor for IPv6 prefix/subnet" error message




      Running IPAM 4.3.1.


      I have a /64 IPv6 subnet in my IPAM that has the used/reserved addresses listed, with the unused addresses not listed. Trying to add 24 new reservations to previously unused addresses within the subnet. Clicked on the EXPORT button to get a xls file of the subnet. Modified the excel file to give hostnames and comments to the new IP's I want to reserverve, then clicked the IMPORT button to re-import that xls file. It finds all the columns, acts as if it's going to work, and then after validation, it finds errors with each row in my xls file. When i look at the error message, it's on the IP address column, and says:


      "Can not find suitable ancestor for IPv6 prefix/subnet"


      What the heck???


      If i uncheck the option for keeping the import limited to the subnet that was open when i clicked the IMPORT button, then it will successfully import the 24 addresses, but it will put them in a new instance of the subnet, rather than the main one I want the addresses in. This new instance has the same subnet name, the same prefix, but is separate from the main one, and is located in a different folder.


      Any thoughts?