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    Problems with firmware repository (unable to connect to polling engine)


      We have been having one heck of a time trying to get the firmware repository setup for NCM.  We have one polling engine that is throwing an "unable to connect to polling engine" error every time we try to set this up.  We opened a ticket with SolarWinds but they ultimately stated that this storage location has to be accessible from ALL polling engines (and then closed their support ticket).  This is a bad design.  At any rate, this particular engine being referenced is one related to PCI compliance so our first thought was that something on the network side was preventing access, but that's simply not the case.  We can physically access the file server (storage location) from the polling engine itself, it's only when we use the web console to set the storage location that NCM thinks it can't.  Does the primary polling engine reach out to the APE's to verify access?  If so, there may be something between the primary engine and this APE that is being referenced...


      Has anyone else seen this before?  I'm open to any ideas or suggestions anyone may have.