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    Error exporting Web Based report to Excel


      Hello all,


      I'm very new to Soalrwinds so forgive me in advance if I have missed something key out of the post.


      I've been tasked with being our In-House person to create new reports but this isnt my area of expertise.


      We have a Web-Based report (4 of them infact) that will always fail to export to Excel. Exporting to PDF is fine and works a treat but Excel just wont work.


      I have confirmed that our IIS server has a valid SSL cert and that the SMTP ports are open (although we arent emailing these reports out I thought it best I confirm before I posted on the off-chance) but when we hit the export link, we get the below error before it redirects onto the "Manage Reports" page.

      Error displayed when trying to export to Excel


      I have confirmed that these reports don't have charts included and only have the 1 table (they aren't even overly complex/detailed reports) so am really puzzled as to why these aren't exporting).