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    Expanding custom ticket fields when using GET via powershell REST API


      Hi all, I have begun experimenting with utilizing the REST API with Solarwinds help desk. I can list a specific ticket along with details. However, the ticketCustomFields: does not show all data. (  {@{id=512; type=TicketCustomField; BLAHBLAH...}  ) I have tried using style=details but that does not seem to work when getting ticket details. I would like to get or display all the data from the ticketcustomfields area in order to populate other scripts.



      powershell used:

      $vars defined

      Invoke-RestMethod -uri "http://serverpath/helpdesk/WebObjects/Helpdesk.woa/ra/Tickets/$($ticketnum)?apiKey=$($apikey)" -method GET


      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!