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    Issue with Hardware Health and iSCSI Volumes


      We have a bit of an issue with SolarWinds that has rendered the hardware health monitoring effectively useless for us, and I'm hoping there is something that can be done to address/work around it.


      Our database backup software works by attaching iSCSI volumes to the underlying host on which the VM is running.  When a backup job completes, this volume is detached from the host.  If SolarWinds polls the hardware on a host when a backup job is running (highly likely since backups are running throughout the day), it sees the iSCSI volume, adds it to the host and starts monitoring it.  When the backup job completes and the volume is removed, SolarWinds thinks the volume has died and triggers a critical hardware failure.  Because this happens with frequently throughout any given day, the hardware monitoring capabilities of SolarWinds are effectively useless for us because of the large volume of false positives that are generated.


      Is there a way I can ignore volumes that are attached to hosts via iSCSI?  Or is there some other workaround I can try?  Virtualization software is VMware if that matters.