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    NPM is using SNMP community="public"


      We are seeing a strange behavior, where Solarwinds NPM 12.2 is using SNMP community string "public" even after it is explicitly configured for something else. Meaning it is polling the device using the right community string, but from time to time it also tries and fails using the "public"

      NPM is successfully polling the devices, but then for sometime, periodically tries SNMP v2c Community String: public about 4 times a day, every day, 4-5 hours apart.


      Splunk records the event from the device, where this failure happens. Solarwinds Event logs do not show this happening.


      logdesc="SNMP query failed" community="public"


      Question for the community and Solarwinds gurus


      Why would NPM utilize public string on a devices that is explicitly configured for a different string?


      How or what needs to be tweaked to stop this non-critical but undesired NPM behavior?