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    No scheduled techs with round robin


      On the weekends our IT department does not work but we have locations that are open. If those locations open a ticket on the weekend when our techs are not scheduled, the ticket opens and it set to the Tech Group manager. It is possible that if all techs in a group are not scheduled to have it round robin to one of the techs so that they can work it on Monday instead of assigning the ticket to the Manager?

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          Yes, this is possible. Specify "A Level Tech" for how tickets will be assigned to a Tech Group and then select "Round Robin" as the "Assignment Algorithm". See pages 24 - 25 in the WHD Getting Started Guide - https://files.mtstatic.com/site_11644/10816/5?Expires=1531045523&Signature=cCVF~856h1snXNWXQXBse5TWiSGRlmpglAXIn3akNfj3W…



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              This is what I have currently. The issue is that after hours when techs are outside of their working hours (Work Schedule specified at the tech level) then all tickets opened when techs are not working get assigned to the Group Manager. Ideally, if a ticket is open an a tech(s) is schedule to work, then the ticket will be Round Robin to the techs currently within their work schedule. When no techs are assigned to work, I want the Help Desk to Round Robin the ticket to any tech on the Tech Group when all techs are not working. We have work schedules set for the Manager as well.

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              fluffy midnight

              Hi leeii15,


              Another way to do this is via 'Action Rules' in the setup, you can set the action to assign to tech group or specific technicians depending on the criteria you specify.



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                  Thanks for your reply. I tried this last night and even though I have the Action on the rule set to Assign To > Tech Group > group name > Level 1 with an Assignment Algorithm of Round Robin and Ignore Vacation and Availability Settings checked it is assigning all tickets to the first person listed in the tech group.


                  My settings for the rule are:


                  • Action Rule Info
                    • Enabled
                    • Priority: 1 (No other rules so this won't matter)
                    • Cascade: Checked (No other rules so this shouldn't matter)
                    • Rule Triggering:
                      • Evaluate Criteria...: On all ticket updates (tried only when updated by a client as well)
                      • When criteria evaluation results in a match, apply action...: Only at ticket creation
                  • Criteria (This is where I am not sure what to use but this is what I tried)
                    • Tickets matching ALL of these conditions:
                      • Tech > is > {Manager Name}
                      • Creator > Tech > is not > {Manager Name}
                  • Actions
                    • Assign To > Tech Group > group name > Level 1
                    • Assignment Algorithm: Round Robin
                    • Default Request Type: Blank (default)
                    • Ignore Vacation and Availability Settings: Checked
                    • Ignore Location and Department: Unchecked


                  Thanks again for you reply and help!

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                    I am not really sure what changed except restarting our SQL DB the night before, but it appears that tickets are being assigned correctly now using the Action Rules. Yesterday I came in and discovered that tickets were being assigned to users outside working hours instead of assigning them to the Group Manager for delegation. Again not really sure what changed as the Action Rule setup is still the same as it was when I replied the other day.


                    Thanks for pointing me to Action Rules, I didn't even know they existed there!