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    Windows & Unix Services start automation




      I a looking for automation process, can any share the process for below scenario?


      This is related to the JDA TM Test application services down the issue where the services were going down on a more regular basis and we had to manually bring it up after receiving alerts. For this to be automated. Could this be automated via SolarWinds too?

      it would be logical for it to bring up the services too. So we required to know when can you start on this implementation?

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          Add an alert action, such as Execute an external program.

          Windows servers should be too hard, PowerShell has service control commandlets, start with Get-Service, Start-Service and possibly Invoke-Command.

          You'll need to create local script, on your Orion server that can access the remote server and start the service.


          On *nix, install Putty on your Orion server, which includes plink, with which you can do something like:  plink root@remote-machine -m local_script.sh

          The script will do the daemon control bit.


          Whether PowerShell of Unix shell, put some logic in there, check that the service/daemon is down, attempt restart, and check it has restarted, if not (wait for bit?) and try again, X number of times.


          Hope it helps