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    Possible to embed python script in a custom view?


      I'm completely new to this so sorry if the terminology is totally wrong.


      My requirement is to display in Solar Winds the data being managed by our Velocloud network. The problem is that Solarwinds does not see it correctly so going through the Solar winds SDK to grab anything from their database isn't going to give me the correct information. So, I'm trying to find a way to pull the information directly from the Velocloud database.


      Velocloud sent me a Python script that will pull the data I need from their database.. We currently have a custom view someone created that is not being used called "Node Details - Custom Tab 8". My thought is that if that view is rendered as a web page that I can edit the html and embed the python script and have it run through CGI (Common Gateway Interface) and display what I need. Will that work?


      If there is a better way and I'm totally missing it please let me know. Thanks.