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    Issue(s) with the latest WHD update


      I haven't been here in a while so I'm sorry if I'm posting a question already posted or addressed, if so, please direct me to the proper thread.  But why with the latest update of WHD, that SolarWinds decided not to allow users who are also Tech accounts to synchronize with Active Directory (LDAP), therefore users (or clients) who also have Tech accounts have to manually synch their passwords since this last update doesn't allow Tech accounts to synch their passwords automatically with their LDAP accounts?  How is this considered acceptable and why did this update "break" this connection for Tech accounts?

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          Good afternoon,


          We running WHD 12.5.0, me well aware that WHD 12.5.2 is available for a while now.


          The information provided of the client / tech account link and the password changes puzzles me. I didn't get it. Which password needs to be changed? What happens to the WHD accounts we only have for techs? Do we have to generate a user account (which normally won't be needed).


          Never the less, WHD became sluggish, so we decided to upgrade to 12.5.2, even so we were hesitant to do so for month. The update failed and we had to go back to 12.5.0.


          We have a service call with SolarWinds, but this is not sorted yet.




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            fluffy midnight

            Hi garciann,


            The update removed LDAP/AD connection from Tech accounts, if the technician is linked to a client account that has the LDAP/AD connection then you can still use LDAP/AD.


            If you have upgraded to the latest version from a previous one, there was a procedure to go through before the upgrade so you weren't hit by the password issue that you are referring to.