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    Unexpected error: An error occurred while generating map


      Hi, usually I would go straight to create a support case but since custom portal is not available at the moment so I thought I will try my luck here.


      Since Friday we are receiving the following error on "Map" widget - Unexpected error: An error occurred while generating map 57624e8f-7c10-4821-99b8-48f41b55a002.OrionM, when I try to edit the widget itself I get the following error: RunQuery failed, check fault information. Unknown provider Cortex.

      Txt dump is as follows:


      Message: RunQuery failed, check fault information.

               Unknown provider Cortex.

      ErrorSite: SolarWinds.MapEngine.Executor.Execute

      ErrorType: System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[[SolarWinds.InformationService.Contract2.InfoServiceFaultContract, SolarWinds.InformationService.Contract2, Version=2017.4.0.1540, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null]]


      at SolarWinds.MapEngine.WcfConnectionDependentExecutor`1.Executor.Execute()

      at SolarWinds.MapEngine.WcfConnectionDependentExecutor`1.Execute(Action`1 operation, Boolean throwOnError)

      at SolarWinds.MapEngine.WcfConnectionDependentExecutor`1.Execute[TResult](Func`2 operation)

      at SolarWinds.MapEngine.MapEngineConnection.CreateQuery[T](String selectStatement, Boolean isForce, PropertyBag parameters)

      at SolarWinds.MapEngine.Engine.ParseEntities(IEnumerable`1 entities)

      at SolarWinds.MapEngine.Engine.<>c__DisplayClass173_0.<InitEntitiesMetadata>b__0()

      at SolarWinds.MapEngine.MetadataDictionaryProvider.GetMetadataDictionary(Func`1 allMetadataDelegate)

      at SolarWinds.MapEngine.Engine.InitEntitiesMetadata()

      at SolarWinds.MapEngine.Engine.InitCacheData()

      at SolarWinds.MapEngine.Engine.Initialize()

      at SolarWinds.MapEngine.MapEngineFactory.GetEngine(String userName, ServiceCredentials credentials, String remoteServerAddress, String swisPort, String swisPostfix, Int32 viewId, Boolean useMapPropertiesCache, IRunningOperationWaiter runningOperationWaiter)

      at Orion_NetPerfMon_Controls_EditResourceControls_EditNetworkMap.OnInit(EventArgs e)

      at System.Web.UI.Control.InitRecursive(Control namingContainer)

      at System.Web.UI.Control.AddedControl(Control control, Int32 index)

      at System.Web.UI.ControlCollection.Add(Control child)

      at Orion_NetPerfMon_Resources_EditResource.LoadResourceEditControl()

      at Orion_NetPerfMon_Resources_EditResource.OnInit(EventArgs e)

      at System.Web.UI.Control.InitRecursive(Control namingContainer)

      at System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint)


      In addition I cannot connect to Network Atlas (neither from remote location or directly from server, I have tried both local SolarWinds admin account and my domain account). We get the following error: "An unexpected error occurred while trying to connect to the server. Please contact support." I have checked our programs and features based on one of the KBs and we have only newest IPAM version installed.


      I have tried following so far but nothing helps:

      -Run configuration Wizard

      -Run Database maintenance

      -Restart all SW servers (we have database separated from main server and one ape)

      -Reinstall Network Atlas

      -Delete content of localhost folder from Temp\SolarWinds

      (SolarWinds services were restarted after each action).


      Maybe some of you had similar issues and will be able to help.