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    Solarwinds is still not stable

    martian monster

      The other thread is closed so I figured I would start a new one I usually get more help here than actually contacting support.


      So same issues as before but instead of the server not responding in 36 hours or so it took maybe a week but it is the SAME issues. 


      1. Server stopped sending alerts out sometime around 11AM on the 4th.

      2. Logged onto server and opened Orion service manager and both the module engine and the administration service were going back and forth between running and stopping. 

      3. Orion could not connect to SQL

      4.  I have some alerts that at are going out but not sure if they are legit or not. 

      5. After the reboot I notice that a good chunk of my nodes interfaces are 'unknown' this looks like it fixes itself but again something else going on. 


      I have applied the 'hotfix' that you all pushed out to try to fix this.

      I have done the change from streaming to buffered

      I have done the registry change for the ports

      The only thing I have not done is revert the snap shots back to June 14th prior to the update so Solarwinds is stable again. 

      At this point I am going to schedule a task in VM Ware to reboot the server every night.  That is pretty much the only way I will know Solarwinds will actually work. 


      Thoughts?  serena aLTeReGo

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