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    Alerting is unreliable, for us, in latest Solarwinds


      Alerting has been flaky since the original update to the latest, and is still unreliable, lasts just a few days.  It's been rock solid until recently.

      I originally had this in case # 00118398 after upgrading to the latest, I still have the problem despite having the latest hotfix.

      Most other issued are resolved or getting there, but alerting silently dies after a while.


      New case # 00134147 raised for this.  In AdministrativeService logs it show errors.  These persist, not sure if they are related.  It seems the service cannot communicate with the other pollers / web console.   I will restart those to try to clear the errors.


      To resolve we restart Information Service v3 and Alerting Service v2 - that fixes it - not sure if you need to do both, but definitely Information Service v3.


      I get alerting from all sorts of other systems so I didn't notice for a day or so.


      In view of the service still being unreliable, for us, I'm about to instigate daily restarts of all the web services.   Looking at the dependencies it doesn't seem they have any, so you should be able to restart them all in any order.


      There is a possibiliy nobody else, or very few, have this problem.   We have some alerts which previous versions of Solarwinds didn't correctly upgrade - you can see them as having "Complex Condition" turned on, and those need to be rewritten.   But whether it is those which is causing the service to enter a faulted state I'm not sure.


      Is anybody else having a problem with alerting going silent ?