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    AD Monitoring Queries


      Hi All,


      Need help on the below requirement. Please review and advise, whether can be implemented.


      1. PowerShell cmdlet would be provided to integrate with Solarwinds dashboard. Basically we are looking for the below Dashboard. So that they can look the status online.

      2. We are looking for the email monitoring for AAD sync. Basically mail will be triggered every 15 minutes. If the email is not triggered for more than 45 minutes then Solarwinds should trigger a ticket.

      3. Also let us know if Solarwinds has separate AD management pack?


      Thank you

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          1. Do you have examples of the PowerShell script used?  Saying that I'd be surprised if the SAM templates don't already cover it, and if they aren't, there is always WMI and PowerShell monitors you can add to enhance them.

          2. Have a look at the various mail monitoring components in SAM, such as the POP3 Monitor, SMTP Monitor. MAPI user experience and the Exchange Web Services moniotr, between them I sure one or two will work.

          3. Have a look at the SAM AD monitors, navigate to Settings --> SAM Settings --> Manage Templates and in the left hand pane select Active Directory and you'll see what's on offer. Then check out Server & Application Monitor  content exchange.


          If you get stuck, you know where to ask for help

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              Hi yaquaholic,


              Thank you for the quick reply.


              1. I have not used any script in SAM templates so far. Hence, got confused with the requrest. They are looking for the similar view (as per the screenshot). It would be great, if you would elaborate the process/steps to achieve.

              2. Earlier, I had looked at the mail related SAM templates and seems I could not figure it out, which one to be used. Of course, that was for different requirement, if number of mails (count) crosses 100 in queue (waiting to process), need an alert. I checked with Support as well and no feature available. This is something when a mail does not trigger for more than 45 minutes, need an alert. Let me explore on this particular request and will update you, if I need any further help.

              3. I had mentioned them already that the Management Pack they saw would be for SCOM monitoring. I had provided them them templates to check their requirement.