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    Make Renewal Reminder Go away


      I renewed the maintenance on my DRS but am still getting the "Maintenance expires in XX days" message at the topt when I open DRS.  What mechanism after renewal prevents the message from appearing?


      DRS Maintenance Renewal banner

      Clicking the I already paid button takes me to my customer portal but I'm not sure what to do there.



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          fluffy midnight

          Hi criswebo,


          Sounds like you need to apply the new license key, you should find this by logging into the customer portal and going to the licensing page.


          If the license doesn't fix the message issue, contact support.



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            Hi Criswebo,


            this issue can occure when old license files are blocking DameWare from registering that it has a new valid license, that being said - can you check via the red circled Button in your Toolbar if the license displays correctly there?

            If it doesn't match up with your new renewal date, which it probably won't, you'll have to go through customer support and have them reset it for you.


            Best Regards,