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      We have, probably not uniquely, a need to have a range of access to our Solarwinds setup.


      For NPM we need to create various levels of users / access and wondering if this is feasible?


      Level 1: Access to all

      Level 2: Access to all but the backend steup of Solarwinds

      Level 3: Read-Only access to all areas but also have a R/W access to a subset of groups in NPM

      Level 4: Read Only access

      Level 5: client read only access to one specific group


      Level's 1, 2, 4 & 5 shouldn't be hard to sort, as I understand things, but it's the level 3 access that is a head scratcher and maybe we'll just have to re-think our approach. The reasoniing behind this, is that we want to let project engineers do their own discoveries, map them, etc, etc but not move those maps / groups / folders into live client areas until they are ready and sanitised by a 2nd person.


      Thoughts? Is the above possible or will we just have to go the route of creating additional users for teh prupose of r/w access for those that also need that and then just use auditing to keep an eye and tell them off where necessary?