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    PSU alerts


      I am trying to create a catch-all alert that sends an email if a PSU goes down. With the current trigger conditions, it will email if the status of anything in the "Power Supply" category is not equal to "Up", including items that have a equivalent status such as "Normal" or "On". If I create conditions that include "Normal" or "Up" it will trigger on the others.


      I would like to alert on actual PSUs and not objects in the "Power Supply" category. They don't always have the same name(Power Supply 1, FEX-157 Chassis 3 PS 1 PWR-C2-1025, Power Supply Module, V: 0.75v R0/21, etc.....)


      Example: If status is not equal to "Normal" it will trigger on "Power Supply" objects with the current status of "Up"



      Is there a better way to go about this?


      Attached is a screen shot of my current trigger conditions.

      : FEX-157 Chassis 3 PS 1 PWR-C2-1025