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    Initial Orion API call is always slow




      We are doing some development to create and update nodes in Orion using the API however we have run into a problem where each time the code/application executes, the initial call always takes around 15 seconds to return. Subsequent calls in the same execution then respond quickly but when the code executes again, the initial call is back to 15 seconds.


      The issue has been noticed across three different installs of Orion and in different environments so its not believed to be a server or environment issue. During our testing we have also noted that even if there is just a few seconds between each execution of the code/application the first call is always 15 seconds.


      We have been using the OrionSDK on GitHub but if it makes any difference, the first call is always a query request. The application is also being executed on the same server as where we have Orion NPM installed.


      It would be good if the first call didn't always take around 15 seconds so are there any thoughts on what may be causing it?