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    WHD authentication = AD / LDAP




      At the moment we use WHD 12.5.0 for a while. Since the last week WHD got slow and lost a bit on reliability. We had to restart the service several times in the last few days.


      We plan to update to the latest version of WHD (from 12.5.0 to 12.5.2). I am a little bit worried when I reading the information about 12.5.2:


      Improved LDAP security


      [...] Before you install this upgrade, ensure that all techs have client accounts (authenticated through LDAP) linked to their tech accounts. Also ensure, that the tech username is not the same as any of the client's usernames. After the upgrade, all techs must access their tech account through their client account, or using the WHD tech username and WHD password (which can be reset using the secure password reset logic).[...]


      We have 49x Techs in various places. Preparation work (which would include a good bit of communication) and password change after the update for 49x techs won't be easy. We use WHD about 4 years now. So far it meets our requirements, but of course the expectations rise with each year. But with the lack of updates to improve and add additional useful functionality to the system the resistance within the WHD user community is growing.


      We might want to wait for the WHD Beta version that Milan announced, but that all can take a while and might come with the extra layer of complication to.


      Thank you for your help.