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    Any self employed/solarwinds consultants?


      Good afternoon.


      I am seeking a little advice.  I am thinking of being a solarwinds consultant.  There are reasons for this.  One of them is strictly I am bored in the position I am nit right now.  I am not pushed enough in my day to day job. I do VM work outside of work, but that only gets me so far with regards to resources.


      I will tell you a little about me and hopefully I can have a meaningful discussion about this:


      About me:


      - I am ex military IT professional.

      - I would consider myself a thoughtful, very open and honest.

      - I'm very relaxed.  Sometimes a little too relaxed in life.  That has got me in trouble in the past.  But when I have something that's a challenge for me, that's when I am driven and motivated.

      - I would like to think I am fair and that I treat everyone as equal as possible.

      - I will admit that I am not assertive enough.  Ergo - I am very relaxed in life.

      - Also, I sometimes doubt my own abilities to do things. But I will always try to do something at least a dozen times to get it as right as I like it to be.

      - I often say the worst things at the worst moments.  Which is why I hardly speak to anyone.


      That's kinda me.


      Me as a professional.


      If we look at me as a professional:

      - I like to be quite slow and logical in a project that I undertake.  I perceive this as a good thing because I enjoy looking at every possible angle prior to any action being taken.

      - I tend to make safe, baby steps.

      - I overlook the massive things for the more insignificant things.  Example - I have an issue with the infrastructure of drives in our estate.

      - I'm very relaxed.

      - I sometimes can't understand or see when something is and isn't a problem.  That's for most people I would imagine.

      - I am naturally lazy with admin.  I have to force myself to do it.

        - If I make myself do it, I often write war and peace.

      - If I really enjoy something then I could bore you until you got a beard with facts and stats (example - I love remembering IP addresses)

      - If I don't want to do something I flat out won't do it.


      That's a little about me.  My question is, for those that are already a consultant on solarwinds, what is it like?  What is a typical job for you?

      How did you get involved in consultancy, ect.