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    Solarwinds Needs Reboot Every 3 days


      Since upgrading to NPM12.3 a couple of weeks ago our SolarWinds system now seems to hang every couple of days and we need to reboot the server in order resolve the issue.


      When trying to access the Server via the webpage we get the error below. I installed the latest hotfix bundle earlier in the week but the problem persists.


      I'm seeing on another thread that other people are also experiencing this, but it's not clear whether a fix was found?


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          Try this change out


          Alright, we’ve gotten enough feedback to officially declare the fix for this issue is to change the TransferMode property in the Information Service settings from Streamed to Buffered.  To recap, you can do this in the centralized settings section of your website:

          1) Go to http://YOURHOSTNAME/orion/Admin/AdvancedConfiguration/Global.aspx
          2) Find "SolarWinds.Orion.InformationServiceClient" and change TransferMode to "Buffered"
          3) To apply changes please restart Orion services on all SolarWinds Servers.

          You are not losing anything by making this change – Streamed was introduced in 12.3/2018.2 to help manage SWIS Memory consumption.  Moving to buffered is basically how SWIS has worked in every other version.

          We will soon be introducing an official fix that will make this change. We’ll also be revisiting Streamed mode on our end to see if we can make it work without causing port exhaustion, but that will be at some point down the line.


          Solution from

          Solarwinds is now horribly unstable.

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                 I would run the SolarWinds Configuration Wizard again from the server where SolarWinds is installed. Whenever I have had an issue in the past, this usually fixes any issues. Just accept all the default values (existing settings). It will go through and update all the settings with the correct values if any are not correct and also optimize the web pages as well (pre-compile them).


            An extra step that you can do if you don't mind the additional downtime is to verify that your Windows server is fully up-to-date and reboot the server before invoking the Configuration Wizard. I did have an issue once where an update was not correctly applied to to the server for a .NET or similar update and it was causing issues for the SolarWinds server.