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    Correct MIB definition for HP VC FlexFabric 10Gb/24-Port Module


      I setup in NPM a VC FlexFabric 10Gb/24-Port Module  to monitor.  However, it does show up a large part of the information but the transmit/receive stats are very low.  I am wondering if the correct MIB definition is being used.  The HP part number is 571956-B21.





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          Interface polling uses the MIB-2 Interfaces ( table, so it is using standard MIBs, adding another MIB won't change the information you are getting back from the device.

          What you might be able to do is to create Universal Device Poller (UDP), to poll specific HP OIDs and report them back via graph or a table, however I have yet to find any HP specific OIDs that relate to the the FlexFabric interfaces.


          If you think of a MIB OID as a letter box, that you navigate to through a tree structure, by numbers. You can visit the letter box, if you know the address (OID) without ever having seen the MIB.

          If you do not have the MIB installed then the system is unable to translate the number address (OID) to a meaningful text string, but it can still read the data that the OID holds.

          Also if you don;t have the MIB installed, then snmp polling by text string will fail, as it cannot translate the text to the OID.

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              I called HP support about the correct MIB and they indicated to look at the following attached files.  This is from a file they pointed me to called upd11.10mib.  I hope this gives you the additional MIB info.  Its unclear to me to know which one to use.


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                  Do you happen to know if the Solarwinds components uses the correct MIB definition from the files I supplied above?  I don't know how to proceed at this point.

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                      So just had a chat with one of storage lasses, who has pointed out that our enclosures only have 8 physical ports, but when I list the device's resources it returns 70 interfaces (data taken from the IF-MIB).

                      So is the port you are trying to monitor the physical interface or a virtual one?

                      If your traffic is using a virtual one, it won't appear on the physical one; well certainly not at the SNMP level.


                      My fingers are crossed, that this is the most likely reason why you aren't seeing the traffic.

                      Look at the interface throughput on the devices "Current Percent Utilization of Each Interface" on the network view, it will help you see where the traffic is.



                      Back to your MIB files, if the didn't you find find the data you are looking for...


                      There might be something in those MIBs you can use, however as you've probably realised, reading a MIB file does not provide the OIDs.

                      The MIB files fit together in a hierarchy, and your SNMP tool can read and interpret the MIB files. However if a MIB is missing, that 'joins' two MIB files, then the tool will throw an error, usually telling or suggesting which MIB file is missing. Open a MIB file and you'll see the IMPORTS section, this tells your SNMP tool which other (parent) MIB files it expects to have access to, to create the hierarchy. Some more info here - Management information base - Wikipedia


                      SolarWinds have chosen to make this much easier, by collating every MIB file into one file and distributing this with every software install/upgrade or you can download a fresh copy from your customer portal. URL: https://customerportal.solarwinds.com/info/MIB-Database

                      The Orion MIB file is one big all encompassing beast of a file (~ 1.5GB), grown to this size by users submit their missing MIBs in a support ticket, which get compiled in and a new version released.

                      Installation details are on the portal. The MIBs HP sent to you all appear to be from 2016, so are no doubt already included. But you can contact support and they will confirm this for you, there is a link on the MIB download page to create just such a Tech Support ticket.


                      Take a look at break down of the HPVCMODULE-MIB here. I can see throughput watermark error counters, but not actual throughput metrics.


                      Take OIDS from here and test them against your interface, not forgetting to first browse the index OID - vcModulePortIfIndex - these will match the instance of the ifIndex object, defined in IF-MIB, for the interface corresponding to this port. A zero value indicates ifIndex is not available.

                      Search from the IF-MIB the ifDescr and you will find your interface name.

                      Notice that line where you interface name is that there is an extra number on the end of it's OID such as .

                      Now add that number 'x' to to the ifIndex OID and that will return the IfIndex for that interface. It is usually the same as the 'x', but worth checking.

                      Now you know the interfaceID, you can check  the vcModulePortIfIndex OID ( and find the interfaceID. This reference, again likely to be the same as the InterfaceID, will let you read the table for that interface.

                      Same applies for the HPVCQOS-MIB and the HPVC-MIB (which replaced vc-domain-mib.mib) and see of you can find the metrics you are after.


                      I hope it helps,