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    Upgrading Platform to Windows Server 2016. Help Required


      Hi Everyone !


      Currently we have our Solarwinds Monitoring platform on: Windows Server 2012 R2, and SQL has got the same.

      We plan to upgrade our platform to Windows Server 2016 (Both Windows Server & SQL Server). That is our main priority.

      My question is: What are the basic/minimum system requirement(s) for both of these servers. especially in terms of memory & cpu.

      Any other item/aspects we need to keep in mind ? or to consider?


      Just for your information: Currently we are using:


      NCM 7.7

      NPM 12.2

      IPAM 4.6

      VNQM 4.4.1

      SAM 6.6


      I will appreciate your kind response(s).


      Many Thanks