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    IPAM 4.6.1 - vRO Workflows


      Noticed something odd today while working on getting vRO/vRA to play nice with the solarwinds IPAM.

      Here is my overall processs

      1. Import IPAM pack into vRO

      2. Add a IPAM host via the 'SolarWinds IPAM' workflows per documentation here Integrate SolarWinds IPAM with VMware vRealize Orchestrator - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

      3. Register the host to vRA per Integrate SolarWinds IPAM with VMware vRealize Automation - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support   making sure to use  adminstrator@vsphere.local for the login info

      4. within vRA - configured the IPAM endpoint.  NOTE:  do not put HTTP/HTTPS in the url here there is a part of the workflow that adds this prefix and you will end up with it twice in the swis call and it will fail)

      5. within vRA - created a network profile using my SW IPAM endpoint, picked the right address space and range

      6. saved network profile


      So now i switched back to vRO and refreshed by console.  noticed i now have 7 IPAM endpoints under my inventory. The one I made in step 2, and then 6 new ones.

      Looking at the 'Get Address Spaces' and 'Get IP Ranges' workflows, it looks like they both have the same 'Add IPAM Host' that i ran in part 2, as part of their workflow.

      It looks like it is used to generate the 'SWIS_host' parameter for the next step in the script 'SWIS request'.


      Is this the intended behavior for these workflows? to add an IPAM endpoint everytime the Network profile is used/edited?  or is there a "Get IPAM Host" workflow that should be in there instead.