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    What method can I use to have Solarwinds NPM/NCM show me the output of "show license in-use" for only my Cisco 4510's?


      I want to report on the output of the "show license in-use" command only my Cisco 4510's so I can find which ones are using an Enterprise License, or Advanced, or IP Base, and I thought I knew how to build a report to do it.  But I can't seem to get it working so far, and I'm reaching out to the Thwack community for some expert advice.


      First I want to only run this against the Machine Type "Cisco Catalyst 4510R+E".


      Second, I want the output of the "show license in-use" command.


      That's all.  So simple.  And I just can't quite figure out how to make it run.  Can you help me out with some advice, some baby-step commands?


      The output of a the "show license in-use" command looks like this:


      (Node Name)   show license in-use

      License Store: Primary License Storage

      StoreIndex: 1 Feature: entservices  Version: 1.0

            License Type: Permanent

            License State: Active, In Use

            License Count: Non-Counted

            License Priority: Medium

      License Store: Dynamic License Storage


      I thought the process of getting this information would be as follows:

      1. Admin > Alerts & Reports > Manage Reports > Create New Report
      2. Put in the pretty stuff (Report title, etc.)
      3. Select Custom Table (Is this where I went wrong?  Should I have selected something else?  Maybe "Custom Query"?  That option doesn't seem to get me the ability to only report on the 4510's, and leave me confused again.)
      4. Selection Method:  Specific Objects (static selection)
      5. Group by Machine Type
      6. Put a check in the Cisco Catalyst 4510R+E group
      7. Click Add to Layout
      8. Table Layout > Add Column
      9. I can select from a wide range of option, and obviously I want the nodes' names, but I don't see any option yet for entering in the Custom SWQL query for inclusion in the table.  I select System Name and Node name and Submit.

      And there's where I'm stuck.  This generates a report of 4510 nodes' names, but there's nowhere to run a custom Query and see the output.


      Is what I want to do possible?  I'm hoping to get the attention of some Thwack members with history generating SWQL reports that are filtered to only include this specific Machine Type.  I'm wondering if some certain Thwacksters have interest & time to point out where I'm messing up (folks like sqlrockstar or adatole or aLTeReGo, or maybe someone they'd care to point me to?)


      I'm looking to see only 4510's, and see the output of something like this:


      SELECT NT.NodeProperties.Nodes.IPAddress, NT.NodeProperties.Nodes.SysName, NT.NodeProperties.Nodes.MachineType, NT.DeviceOutput

      FROM NCM.TransferResults NT

      WHERE (RequestedScript LIKE 'show license in-use%')


      I'm missing some basic Report-building skill, and I don't know where to turn.  Can you offer advice?


      Rick Schroeder