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    Custom state property




      I want to monitor my own devices based on SNMP. The devices have private MIBs. These devices has error bits, which indicates multiple error states. Some of these errors will be masked. The point is to display the error state, based on the devices' error state objects. So my question is:


      Is it possible, to poll custom propertys, and then run a script, which is doing an bitwise AND on the error state bits and the mask bits, and after getting the result modify a custom property of a node?


      To make cleaner:


      Private MIB objects:

          Error state:      0b00001111               ( <- Poll custom property to get this data)

           Error mask:     0b11001100               ( <- Poll custom property to get this data)


      Error state AND Error mask = 0b00001100     ( <- Bitwise AND to get this data)


      Set custom property somehow based on the previous result(0b00001100).



      I think it is possible, but I am not sure how to do it.